Available courses

A group of students have found a mystery scroll with lots of information hidden in it. Understand about the journey of the students and learn about Moon and Universe in a fun filled way.
Mystery of the Moon scroll (Grade 3-4)
Scientists are looking towards Mars as the next destination. What does Mars hold to be our next Destination? Understand all the concepts about Mars and what does it take to be a successful destination.
Destination Mars (Grade 5-6)
Learn about the Universe and the space around us, in the story based sessions. Help lost Gox reach his planet safely.
Far from Home (Grade 1-2)
For Grade 4 students participating in NAC
NAC Grade 4
A Special workshop for NAC Participants
The Indian Space Program - A Dream realized
A fun activity-based workshop to uncover secrets of life beyond earth
A Workshop on Astrobiology
International Asteroid Discovery Project